Our Difference

While it's not hard to make muesli taste good, its a little (lot) harder to make it really good for you. This isn't to say that muesli doesn't contain ingredients that are healthy. They just generally contain way too many carbohydrates. We're a little different because our focus is on tasty muesli that is actually really good for you. How?
  • We focus on purposeful whole food nutrition, nutritional balance not just carbohydrates
  • Our products are all natural, gluten free and (very) low in sugar
  • All our muesli have at least 10g of quality protein per standard 50g serve - even in our vegan granola!
  • High protein means high satiety (low GI) – eat less & feel fuller for longer
  • All natural, good fats that promote health & well-being 
  • We use high quality, all natural Whey & Pea Protein Isolates
  • We use Organic Activated Buckwheat as our base, instead of oats. Why? Because buckwheat is a gluten free plant seed that is easily digested. It’s also cholesterol free, fat free and a great source of amino acids, minerals, vitamin B, potassium, & dietary fibre
  • Whey Protein Isolate has the highest bio-availability of any protein, meaning our body digests it quickly & easily. It's also virtually lactose free meaning easy on the tummy!
  • Increased protein intake is linked to improved weight loss, decreases in overall cholesterol and decreases in recovery time post-training