Tash's Story

My muesli was created based on my beliefs and values as a personal trainer, fitness competitor/coach and health enthusiast. So I thought I'd share a bit about me so you understand Tash's Muesli a little better!

The muesli came about as a result of endless reading and experimenting, after what was meant to be a health kick back in 2007 when I was a binge drinking, fast food loving twenty year old uni student. Fast forward six months and I had gone from an untrained size 12-14 to a lean size 8 on stage competing in a figure show! A lot has changed since then and experiencing how much what we eat impacts how we look, feel, act, sleep, wake - pretty much every aspect of day to day life and longevity, triggered what I think will be a life-long affair with health, fitness and food. 

I finished my business degree in 2008 with a major in Entrepreneurship. I left my job, enrolled into a Certificate 3 & 4 in Health and Fitness and have delved into all things training and nutrition since. Over the years I've become a firm believer in balanced nutrition i.e. a balanced diet of protein, fats and carbs. Muesli is one (of many) meals that doesn't generally offer a good nutritional balance, with carbohydrates - generally sugar, far outweighing the protein and (healthy) fat per serve. A few of the upmarket gourmet muesli now offer more healthy fats, which is great, but still with minimal protein (head over to 'Our Difference' to find out why protein is so important).

This posed a problem for me because I absolutely love the texture and crunch of muesli but couldn't bring myself to eat it daily knowing I wasn't eating a balanced meal. So instead I would treat myself to bircher muesli or granola every Sunday. Until one day decided to challenge myself in to making a healthy muesli that was protein rich. Cue experimenting with whey protein powder in muesli concoctions.

After numerous tweaks I settled on a blend that I, along with my friends, family and clients fell in love with and have eaten almost everyday since - which is the product available here. Now, muesli is the biggest constant in my diet. I know what's in my muesli and I know that every ingredient benefits my health. So please enjoy my muesli any time of day, knowing that you're fuelling your body with all the good stuff! And if you do like it, share the love and spread the word because we want every body enjoying Tash's Muesli and better balanced nutrition!