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Tash's Gluten Free Loaf

Before the birth of Tash's Muesli Original I used to make a delicious gluten free bread dense with seeds and nuts thanks to a recipe I found online at For one reason or another I'd forgotten about the recipe and hadn't thought about it in over a year. Until the other day when I had a craving for Pumpernickel-esque bread. Which made me think of that bread I used to make. Which made me dig up the recipe. And on closer inspection of the recipe I decided I could attempt something similar with my original muesli, so I did. And it was an absolutely beautiful, tasty success!  So much texture and a surprisingly great balance of salty sweet so that...

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Tash's Muesli Protein balls

These delicious protein balls are made using Tash's Muesli Original and have a great balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats). They're perfect as a snack between meals, breakfast on the go or even as a guilt free treat! They're also gluten free and did I mention, delicious? Recipe is as follows... 1cup Tash's Muesli Original 1/2cup vanilla whey protein powder 1/2cup peanut or almond butter 1/4cup maple syrup 1tbs melted coconut oil 1/4tsp mixed spice or cinnamon Pinch of salt Place all ingredients into a food processor and combine until the mixture turns into a crumble that sticks together when pressed between your fingers. Using about a tablespoon amount, shape into a ball with your hands. Repeat with the remaining mixture then...

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